Making Spaces Feel Bigger

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If you have a growing family or just want to make a smaller space more functional and feel bigger there are some great ideas in this article. Obviously, the first choice may be to add on to your home, finish your basement or buy a new home. But there are easier and more cost effective ways to deal with smaller spaces.

Here are a few options that may inspire you:

• Built-in shelving is a great way to save some space and it also adds a lot of character to a room. This can be ideal for living or dining areas, bedrooms, closets and bathrooms. They are fairly quick to have made and installed and will save you a ton of space.

• Another option can be making use of wasted space. For example, the space under your staircase is often left unused, especially in older homes. This can be a great place to add storage or just to get things more organized and out of the way.

• Lighting is another great option. Consider utilizing larger windows or skylights. If a room doesn’t have good natural light it will often feel much smaller and cramped.

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