Open Floor Plan Do’s and Don’ts

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Open floor plan living has become increasingly popular over time. It’s something that not everyone has gotten on board with though. If not designed properly it can leave your space feeling unorganized and too empty. Luckily, there are a few things that you can that will solve this problem. Continue reading for our suggestions.


Define your individual spaces.
With an open floor plan, rooms are often decorated exactly the same and end up blending together too much. Each room loses it’s sense of style and purpose. Try different flooring and paint options. Wall color, if complimentary, can be different in each space as long as there is some harmony between the colors. Changes in floor level, floor finish, ceiling condition, furniture arrangement and many other devices can all contribute to this individuality.

Use dividers between spaces.
Creating an obstacle or divider between spaces is another great way to define each space. A kitchen island, for example, is a great piece that will divide your kitchen from your dining or living room space. Decorative support beams between rooms is another cost effective solution.

Use plants, light and furniture to divide spaces.
The finishing touch to your divided spaces should be something simple like medium to large plants and the arrangement of your furniture. This will tie all of your efforts together to create individual spaces in your open floor plan. Being able to enjoy your open space with each room having it’s own unique feel creates a special home indeed.

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